The Real Problem With Waiting to Pursue Your Dreams

“And time creeps by, taunting those who did not live.”
– Jeff Goins, The Art of Work

Think of a dream you have for your life. One you’ve had for a number of years but have yet to begin pursuing. Why haven’t you started? I’ve noticed in my own life that it’s often harder to begin things that I know will take a long time, especially when the outcome is uncertain. Suppose you have a dream that you estimate will take 10 years of hard work to achieve. Ten years before you see the benefits play out, before the life you envision is the life you’re actually living. That’s a long time to pursue something. It seems so far off that it’s often easier to keep that dream tucked away as a wish. Put it in the “someday” file, as in “someday I’ll make that dream come true.”

Here’s the problem, though. If you don’t ever begin that 10-year process, then “someday” will always be 10 years away. A decade from now you’re going to wake up and you’re either going to be living the dream you have for yourself, or not. What determines that outcome won’t be the decisions you make then. Those results come from decisions you make now. Getting started today is the only way to catch up to “someday.” And, ten years from now you’ll be happy you did.

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