The Cast



The Student

Full of boundless energy and the desire to “be a good boy and go bumper bowling”, Joey is the protagonist in this adventure. He is also the guinea pig that we use to test our parenting techniques.



The Princess

Trusty sidekick to her big brother, Gianna won’t hesitate to sneak him a kick to the side. She’s adorable and smart and poses the biggest threat to our sanity.



The Smiler

Unfazed by the chaos that surrounds her on a daily basis, Gabby is guilty of one thing: unrelentless smiling. That and ripping all the books off the shelf.



The Glue

This beauty is the reason why I know I’ll never win the lottery. How many people ever win it twice? Dani is a Jersey girl at heart, which means she’s strong and sweet. She’s also the reason why The Student, The Princess, and The Smiler are so darn cute.



The Scribe

This is me. I’m here to document this wild journey for posterity and hopefully as an inspiration to those who need proof that they aren’t the only ones doing it wrong. We don’t have everything figured out, we aren’t perfect, but we do all have unconditional love for one another. That’s good enough for me.