4 Things I Learned From Joe Biden’s “Note to Self”

Joe Biden's Note to Self

A few days ago CBS News published a story on Vice President Joe Biden. I’m not especially prone to an interest in politics, so I don’t know a whole lot about specifics of his accomplishments in office. From my non-political position, I consider Biden’s greatest contribution to be his empathetic nature. He exudes such a […]

Hey Mom and Dad…Keep it Up, It’s Working!

Your parenting efforts are working. Keep it up!

If you’re anything like me, you have regular conversations with the wall. Three-foot high walls that poop. It’s so hard to tell if what you’re saying is getting through to them, that sometimes you wonder why do I bother? Where is the evidence of parenting success in my daily life? Is parenting an exercise in […]

Walking the Bench: The Four Outcomes That Shape Who We Are

I often think about my kids’ future. I have moments of worry. But I also have moments of sheer excitement. They have their whole lives before them. The possibilities are limitless. Our youngest, Gabby, is a good example of what I mean. She’s a year and a half old. She hasn’t started school. Contrary to […]

Why Families Fall Out of Sync and How to Prevent It

Joey outside playing in the snow

I always loved Christmas when I was little. What kid doesn’t, right? But for me, the extended time off of school was just as exciting as the holiday itself. Our kids recently enjoyed their first real Christmas break — eleven consecutive days of ruling the roost. Relaxed bedtimes. Wide open wake times. The inclusion of […]

When What You Want to Choose Contradicts What You Must Choose

In my last post I wrote about why I think it’s important to know where you and your family are going in life. Near the end of that post I suggested that defining success and then basing all your decisions on reaching that outcome is ideal: Ask yourself what a successful day/week/year/lifetime looks like for […]