Can’t We All Just Understand?

Joey: I don’t understand about you, Daddy.
Daddy: Likewise, buddy.

I had that brief, but profound, conversation with Joey a couple weeks ago. Why is it so profound? I could dig deep and go all Freud on you, but who wants that? Besides, I think those two sentences pretty much speak for themselves. And I think they are perfect for this site. Let me explain…

As I was getting the site ready for launch, I thought about what kinds of things I wanted the blog to talk about. I knew it should be a strong compliment to the Facebook page, and that it would be a place to track the progress Dani and I made as parents. Good stuff, tough stuff, stuff that’s happy and stuff that’s sad. Hopefully it’ll inspire and encourage another parent or two.

And it’s going to be those things. But when you boil it all down and strip away the fancy quotes and the cliches and the funny pictures, what’s left?

I didn’t realize it at the time, but it all comes back to that conversation with Joey.

Joey: I don’t understand about you, Daddy.
Daddy: Likewise, buddy.

So, if you’re wondering what we’re after here at Lessons and Love, I think the best word is “understanding.” Joey wants to understand about me. I would love to understand him – particularly what makes him abruptly stop watching TV and run face-first into the couch. We both want to understand the world a bit better, and I think the world could stand some more “understanding” of its own.

Joey has verbalized that there are things he doesn’t understand, and he’s not the only one who feels that way. Even though she hasn’t actually said it yet, I know there are some things that Gianna would like to understand too…


So, that’s where we’re coming from. Let us promote understanding, because with that foundation we can do anything…except poop in the living room. There’s no amount of understanding that will make that a good idea.

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