The Time I Gave Up On Parenting and Why You Should Too

Parenting is hard. Whether it’s one child, three children, or ten, parenting is hard damn work. For those of us in the throes of it, this is not a mind-blowing revelation. But it is one we should acknowledge more often. It’s also something we should be honest about. If we’re being honest, we admit that […]

7 Reasons our Marriage Has Become Our Greatest Parenting Asset

Today marks seven years that Dani and I have been married. Seven years goes by fast. My father-in-law recently reminded us that in those seven years there’s been one house, six vehicles, three kids, three lawnmowers, three jobs, one book, three pet fish and most importantly, one love. We’ve packed a lot into that time. […]

The Unheralded Key to Parenting Every Parent Should Know, Understand, and Implement

Think back to the last time you were on an airplane. While taxiing the runway, the flight attendants direct you to the video screens where you receive safety instructions in the event of an emergency during your flight. There’s one part of those safety videos that always sticks with me. About halfway through, they show oxygen […]

The Absence of Integrity: How Two Seemingly Unrelated Events Demonstrate an Underlying Cause for Concern

I’ve had the privilege of working for two companies who list “integrity” as one of their core values. In my experience it has never been just a word painted on a wall or printed in an employee handbook. It is an active way of life, a standard to which everyone is held. To me integrity […]

Kids Say the Darnedest Things…And Then They Stop

For some time now, I’ve wondered (and written) about the way that “lasts” occur in our lives. Especially when it comes to the growth of our kids. We pay so much attention to the first time they walk, that we don’t think about how it’s also the last time they’ll crawl — out of necessity […]